Pixel Piracy
Pixel Piracy
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Pixel Piracy

PlatformaPC Steam
ŽanrasVeiksmo , Indie, Simuletoriai, Strategija

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Lead the life of a famous pirate captain, or die trying in the hilarious world of Pixel Piracy.

Pixel Piracy is an open ended pirate captain simulator / roguelike-like that tasks players with leading a single aspiring captain from the humblest of begging’s to become the most feared pirate on the seven seas!

You will have to hire your crew, build your ship block by block, plot each and every couse, and keep your sailors happy if you plan on making it very far however. This game is not a walk in the park, and you will be put to the test at every turn. Ransack a village, dig up buried treasure, attack foreign schooners, the choice is yours. Loot can only get a prospective captain so far, so you will have to rely on the skills that you earn upon gaining experience, as well as the trust your men have in you!

Game Features
  • *Open Ended: From the start you will be able to go in any direction, plot any course, attack (or avoid) any enemy. The name of the game is diversity, and we have that in spades. 
  • *Simulation: You are a single man on the ship, and have to delegate orders to your crew if you hope to get anything accomplished. Sea shanties, swabbing the deck, who cooks, who walks the plank, it’s all up to you. 
  • Reputation: The more powerful you become the more people will fear (or respect) you. Expect factional conflict, and MANY randomized quests. 
  • *Loot: Hidden treasures abound, and as captain you distribute the plunder as you see fit! See a drunken sailor threatening to start a mutiny if you don’t give him your excess rum? Give it to him or make him walk the plank! A shiny new unique sword of piercing? Decide which of your agile sailors should take it. Craft, equip, and trade what you rightfully “earn”. Being bad has never been so good. 
  • *Skills: Train your crew, as well as your captain in many forms. Become better at a number of skills such as cooking, navigating, fishing, swimming and many others. Not everything was combat and cannons on the high seas! 
  • *Combat: When push comes to shove, send your boarding party to slaughter the enemy. Combat is fast and frenetic, and many of your mates WILL die, just make sure you don’t and then plunder the enemy! Use your new ill found gains to hire new members of your crew, upgrade your ship, and start anew! 
  • *Adventure: Many unique events will occur during the game that you will have to deal with. Have a pirate eat an infected banana? Deal with the “messy” aftereffects on the LONG trip back to port!


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